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MyMaths: An Impeccable Tool for Students

MyMaths is a membership-based mathematics website that can be utilized on intuitive whiteboards or by understudies and instructors at home. It is possessed and worked by Oxford University Press, who obtained the site in 2011. MyMaths has generally been utilized in over 80% of auxiliary schools in the UK. Starting at now, they have in excess of 4 million understudy customers in excess of 70 countries around the globe, an extensive part of whom are in England.


MyMaths is strategic to assist understudies with turning out to be better and deep-rooted students. The addressable market for this section is around 260 million. United Kingdom is the biggest K-12 instruction framework on the planet, yet reliably positions low in worldwide training. He saw that there was a colossal hole in the manner understudies learned and how the ideas could be scholarly. Kids get prepared to fathom questions and not pose inquiries. In the traditional study hall learning, there is an absence of top-notch training because of constrained access to quality educators. Discovering that isn't customized as 1:35 educator understudy proportion opposite proportion 1:14 in the created world. It is memory-based learning driven by dread for tests than adoration for learning. 

MyMaths began making frameworks and learning encounters which made learning fun and simple. It made learning available, viable, drawing in, and customized. It made learning relevant and visual and not simply hypothetical. He utilized innovation and information science for a really customized understanding of understudies. 

The upside of incorporating innovation in training is that it does not just empower one to take classes from the best instructors yet in addition customizes the manner in which understudies learn. It permits a mix of instructors, video exercises, and intuitive games - clarifying ideas by relating it to genuine encounters. This improves comprehension and maintenance of ideas forever. It makes complex ideas visual and logical, which will assist understudies with comprehension of the "What" of learning it, yet the "Why" and the "How" also. The immense accessibility of information on the learning examples of understudies takes into consideration customized input and evaluation. Along these lines, the learning program is customized to each kid's style and pace of learning-dependent on their capability levels and capacities which causes them to learn at their own pace and style. 

MyMaths vision was to finish taking in an experience that incorporates classes from the best of the instructors, evaluations, and tasks which are customized for each understudy, alongside top to bottom investigation and proposals. To connect with their objective gathering for example understudies, My Maths joined forces with Brand Capital, the vital venture arm of The Times Group. It had the option to make solid brand nearness. The brand focused on urban guardians looking for high caliber and inventive conveyance of substance to their youngsters while making learning fun and relevant. The organization used a decent blend of print promotions, TV crusades, and advanced media properties offered by the Times Group, prompting the solid head of-mind review. This association made a significant effect on manufacturing mindfulness and build up believability. 

The worldwide extension is on MyMaths cards. Over the most recent one year, their application has seen incredible selection alongside it effectively foraying past the metros. They have a solid and various speculator portfolio. There is no other platform like this, which can connect with such countless understudies and make extraordinary commitment simultaneously. The Platform will change the manner in which understudies are learning over the present reality, making understudies experience passionate feelings for learning.

MyMaths Subscription

They offer three types of subscription package of different levels:


1. Free Trials for Schools

Price: Free


  • The entirety of our exercises and schoolwork exercises for the length of your preliminary
  • Access to highlights, for example, the Assessment Manager and understudy zones 
  • Free preparing from our MyMaths bolster group during your free time for testing 
  • If it's not too much trouble note, free preliminaries are just accessible for teachers

2. For Primary Schools

Price: £339 +VAT per Annum


  • Thousands of exercises and coordinating schoolwork exercises 
  • Evaluation Manager to follow understudy progress 
  • Games to manufacture student certainty and familiarity 
  • A lot of material for KS2 SAT's correction and valuable appraisal 
  • In-school preparing and devoted help from our MyMaths group

3. For Secondary Schools & Post 16

Price: £625 +VAT per Annum


  • Several exercises and coordinating schoolwork exercises 
  • Appraisal Manager to keep tabs on understudies' development 
  • Games to manufacture understudy certainty and familiarity 
  • Correction and appraisal exercises to help GCSE and A-Level Maths 
  • In-school preparing and committed help from our MyMaths group

MyMaths Login


After buying the subscription, either personally or by your school, you have to create a username and your affiliated school will provide you the MyMaths login password. 
Fill in all the details on the MyMaths login screen and enjoy your subscription.
Else you can click on the link to login into your account. MyMaths Login

Some Frequently Asked Question About MyMaths?

Q1. How to pay for a subscription?
Ans: They acknowledge the payment with a cheque or by BACS (bank transfer), and the bank subtleties can be found at the end of our receipt. Lamentably they don't acknowledge payment with cards. Your membership will consequently renew the following one year, except if you call us to cancel.

Q2. Can I subscribe as an individual?
Ans: MyMaths isn't right now accessible for home or individual buy. It would be ideal if you contact your school in the event that you are keen on joining the platform.

Q3. Are there any technical requirements to join MyMaths?
Ans: As MyMaths is a completely online asset you will require only an internet connection and an internet browser. MyMaths will work in some other web programs yet so as to get the most ideal learning experience.

Q4. What if the school is a part of a Multi-Academy Trust
Ans: If it's not too much trouble contact your neighborhood instructive advisor to organize a MyMaths plan for your Multi-Academy Trust.

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