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Qutub Minar : An Architectural Masterpiece

Everything You Need to Know About Kutub Minar


Standing tall and glad as the symbol of the Mughal dynasty, Qutub Minar: An Architectural Masterpiece is a notable landmark that explains the account of Delhi like no other. It frames a piece of the Qutub Complex including the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, Alai Darwaza, Alai Minar, Ala-ud-noise's Madrasa, and Tomb, Iron Pillar, Tomb of Imam Zamin, Sanderson's Sundial and Major Smith's Cupola.

Qutub Minar Images

There are a few reasons why the 72.5-meter-high Qutub Minar is known as Delhi's enduring image. It is the world's tallest brick tower and perhaps the best example of Islamic craftsmanship also. Destined in a rich green complex of landmarks and in the Mehrauli Archeological Park, some time ago called Qila Rai Pithora, this UNESCO World Heritage Site draws in around 3,000,000 guests every year. Without a doubt, particularly like the city it represents, the Qutub Minar has not just stood the trial of time for more than 800 years yet additionally endured a few plan changes, fixes and reproductions, lightning, and seismic tremors — even safeguarding endeavors.

Qutub Minar History

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutub Minar history has consistently been covered in secrets in abundance and clashing perspectives. As indicated by history specialists the minaret was named after Qutb-ud-din Aibak, liable for raising the landmark while some others opine that it was named after Khwaja Qutb-ud-din Bakhtiar Kaki. The Alai Minar was to be the tallest pinnacle on the planet double the size of Qutub Minar imagined by Alauddin Khilji however post his demise his aspirations were never carried on by anybody. Today Alai Minar remains at 27 meters toward the north of Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque and Qutub Minar. One of the final landmarks delineating the Afghan-styled design, Qutub Minar was propelled by the Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan.

Delhi's Qutub Minar is a five-floor structure built in more than four centuries by various rulers. It was initially authorized in 1192 as a victory tower. The next ruler Shams-ud-din Iltutmish added three more floors to the structure in 1220. Its uppermost story endured harms in 1369 because of lightning. It was reformed by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, who included the fifth and last story to the pinnacle while the main gate to Qutub Minar was constructed by Sher Shah Suri. 

Around 300 years after the fact, in 1803, the pinnacle again endured serious harms in a quake. Major Robert Smith, an individual from the British Indian Army, patched the structure in 1828. He also added a pillared cupola to sit on the fifth story, consequently loaning the pinnacle its 6th story. But this extra floor was expelled in 1848 compelled of Henry Hardinge, the then Governor-General of India, and reinstalled close to the minaret. Entry inside the tower has been confined since 1981 after a mishap, which left 47 individuals inside it dead.

Qutub Minar Height, Design and Architecture

Qutub Minar Images

Qutub Minar has taken architectural and design impacts from Minaret of Jam in Afghanistan. The Qutub Minar height is 73 meters. The lotus outskirts carvings, festoons, and circled chimes were joined from the neighborhood sensibilities. The pinnacle has five tightening stories superposing with a spiraling flight of stairs of 379 stages. The lower three stories comprise of round and hollow handles of red sandstone, isolated by edges and balconies, with Muqarna truss. The fourth floor is made of marble and the fifth is worked of marble and sandstone with etchings of Quranic writings and ornamental themes. There are engravings in Nagari and Parso-Arabic characters on the dividers of Qutab Minar which archive its development and recreations by Tughluq and Sikandar Lodi between 1381-1517.

Once upon a time and even today, Qutub Minar remains as a motivation for a few towers, and minarets worked after it. Chand Minar worked in 1445 in Daulatabad, Maharashtra was roused from Qutub Minar. Visit the minar today to encounter its excellence. You can visit different landmarks in Mehrauli like Jamali Kamali mosque or Balban's burial chamber.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Qutub Minar

  • In Arabic, the word "Qutub Minar" means an axis or a pole.
  • Qutub Minar was the most visited (around 3.9 Million)  monument in all over India back in 2006.
  • This magnanimous structure is featured in tokens and travel cards by the Delhi Metro Railway Corporation.
  • In 2019, the Archeological Survey of India began enlightenment work of the complex to advance night the travel industry in Delhi.

How to Reach

Nearest Metro Station:       Qutab Minar Metro Station

Nearest Railway Station:    Old Delhi Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stand:              Kashmiri Gate Bus Stand

Nearest Airport:                  Indra Gandhi International Airport

Qutub Minar Timing & Fee

Qutub Minar Timings: All Days Open (7:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Ticket Fee:  50 (for Indians)
                         550 ( for Foreigners) 

Best Time to Visit Qutub Minar

Best Time to Visit: October to March 

Correspondingly as there's nothing of the sort as "an awful an ideal opportunity to live", there's nothing of the sort as "bad time to visit" one of the most sparkling and radiant marvels of the world, the Qutub Minar. Whatever be the season, the Qutub Minar won't stop with its vital spread its intrigue and wonder and will continue being as luminescent as could be. In any case, as a visit in the extended lengths of summers requires a high breaking point to endure the glow, the period between the about cooler months for instance October to March is regularly seen as the best a perfect chance to visit the Qutub Minar.

Other Places to Visit Near Qutub Minar

  • Tomb of Adham Khan (850 m)
  • Zafar Mahal (1.5 km)
  • Jahaz Mahal (2 km)
  • Hauz-i-Shamsi (2.1 km)
  • Jamali Kamali Mosque and Tomb (3.3 km)
  • Tomb of Balban (3.3 km)


The Qutub Minar: An Architectural Masterpiece in Delhi is a transcending milestone which never neglects to fascinate guests. Furthermore, why not! All things considered, it's only one out of every odd day that you run over an engineering gem that gloats of being the world's tallest stone tower and has remained so for over 800 years. Isn't that enough motivation to remember this prime vacation destination for your trip when you plan your outing.


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