Madhuri Dixit is Retaining her Workout Regime amid the Corona Virus Outbreak

Yes, you’ve heard it right!, Amid this lockdown, Bollywood celebrities are continuing their workout schedule to stay fit and healthy. The Dhak Dhak girl is motivating the rank and file to keep stress at bay and continue their workout regime amid the coronavirus outbreak

She is performing these workouts to keep herself healthy while staying at home. Lately, she posted about her workout routine amid this lockdown at Instagram to let her followers know about it.

Madhuri Dixit

Lately, she also divulged the secrets behind her silken shine skin and toned body. Even while the lockdown is being extended by 17th May, the dancing queen is ensuring not to miss or skip her workout schedule.

The Devdas Diva, took to Instagram to let us know about the insights and preview into her workout regime at home. “Remaining robust and generous and boosting your immunity in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic. Regardless, the gym centers and yoga classes are shut; we can use the home articles present at our home to exercise. 

We can stay healthy while performing simple exercises also,” She put a captioned video on Instagram, performing different exercises. The video initiates with Madhuri doing back leg raises accompanied by side leg raises and pull-ups.

Madhuri Dixit

Positives of Leg Raise

Leg Raise exercise assists to bolster the core muscles and increases the flexibility of the tummy and hip area leading to improve your overall body posture, according to Medical Daily. Performing Leg Raise exercise on a regular basis may lower the vulnerability of getting back injuries.

Positives of Pull-Ups

Doing pull-ups help in embracing the strength and gain muscle mass in back, arms and shoulder area.

How to Perform Bowing Back Leg Raise

Lay down on back at your mat putting your legs straight and together. Keep raising your legs straight until it gets parallel to the ceiling and your butt lifts up off the floor. Now lower down your legs slowly while counting from one to five until they’re just above the floor. Hold on for some seconds now and reiterate the process for 15-20 counts as per your potential.

Madhuri Dixit

How to Perform Side Leg Raise

You can do it in either in standing, sitting, or lying down position. It is considered as one of the easiest workouts one can do to tone up one's sides and remove extra side inches. This exercise helps in stabilizing the entire body and improving hip moments.

How to Perform Front Leg Raise

Stand straight and raise your one leg at a time making an angle of 90 degrees with leg and body. Extend it more and more as much as you can do and let it down slowly. Repeat the process of 2-3 sets for each leg of 15-20 counts.

Madhuri Dixit

Standing Position

Get a strong chair for support, hold your back straight, and stand next to it. Lift one leg up (either right or left) at a time and the other one stationary. Now extend the lifted leg as far as possible. Try to hold on this position form about five to ten seconds and now bring the leg down and repeat the process. Do two to three sets for each leg of up to 15-20 counts.

Sitting Position 

Sit on the corner of the chair and hold its sides for support and keep your body and legs straight. Now lift your one leg up at a time in such a way that your back and feet make an angle of 35 degrees. Make sure that your body and feet make an angle of 90 degrees. Extend the legs as up and high as much as you can do. Repeat the process for 15-20 counts of 2-3 sets for each leg.

Madhuri Dixit

Lying Down Position

Lye down on the mat and keep your body straight. Now raise one leg at a time and extend it as far as possible in the air. Repeat the process with another leg for 15-20 counts of 2-3 sets.

How to Perform Pull-Ups

Grip the pull-up bars with your palms down maintaining a width of the shoulder. Now hang on to the pull-up bar keeping your arms straight and your legs up from the floor. Try to pull yourself up by pulling your elbow in the downward direction to the floor. Try to go up and up until your chin gets up more from the pull-up bar and lower your body until your arms are aligned. This exercise targets your upper body especially upper abs and chest.


Follow these exercises and get into better shape. Fulfill your quench of getting a toned body this lockdown while staying at home, “feel the magic of sweating without Gyming!”

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