Five Leading Work-From-Home Jobs amid this Lock-down

As everyone in almost all countries is facing the toughest times these days amid corona outbreak and lockdown across the globe. Many people even the lower middle and middle class are hit hard by the economic crash across the globe and are facing the paucity of funds because of it. 

The government and private corporations have cut down their salary and somewhere even the employees are unpaid due to the stoppage of their working at the office. In these difficult times, Work-from-home jobs may prove to be a boon in keeping oneself engaged in some work and earning some income. 

So here we’re providing five best work-from-home jobs which can ease the difficulties of people grappling with the paucity of funds amid this pandemic. One just needs a little set of skills in demand these days to smartly earn money while being at home.

·         Mostly, all work from home jobs offers you the flexibility of working hours and can boost the chances of your career prospects in fortuitous ways.
·         The work from home jobs provide different range of flexibilities including remote, part-time, freelance, flexible schedule and alternative schedule choices which assist you to harmonize the work-life balance.

Some of the best work from home jobs includes-

1.      Customer Success Coach- It is a good part-time remote job for everyone staying at home these days. In this tech-savvy era, everyone knows about computers and some relevant skills. To work in such a role all you need is a piece of good knowledge and understanding of computers, web-based technologies, and Skype. English competency is an advantage.

·         The work role or profile in it includes attending customer requests, organizing and conducting the meeting with customers, and maintaining descriptive documentation, etc.
·         Some similar job titles in this category include Customer Service Representative, Executive Assistant, and Customer Relations Advisor.

2. Editor- Editing is another best job one can do while staying at home amid the Coronavirus pandemic. It requires a gold hold of the lingua franca, English.

·         For this role, a candidate must be a native or near-native speaking skill or should have a college degree from a top universities in the world.
·         A candidate must possess a good hold on the language in all aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking along with an eye on the minor detailing of the sentence its structure, readability and all.
·         Thorough knowledge of different formatting styles is required to fit in this role. Some similar job title under this head includes Copy Editor, Content Editor, and Proofreader.

3.   Junior Travel Agent (Night team)- This role requires to analyze the needs of the customers and serve them accordingly. This role requires thorough research to find out the best of all for ticket booking. This job role can be served on a part-time basis and night shift depending on the need and requirement.

4.    Social Media Specialist- In this job role a candidate needs to keep in view on and audit the activities on social media of the specific company and execute some master plan to meet campaign goals.

·         A bachelor’s degree along with 1-2 yrs of work experience is required to fit in this role.
·         Some similar job titles under this head include Social Media Strategist, Social Media Editor, and Social Media Evaluator.

5. Writer- It is among the top in the list and is a well-paying work from home job. If you have a flair for writing and have a knack of words than this job is an ideal role for you.

·         Here in this job role, you can write articles on different niches including fashion, lifestyle, health, and fitness, education, politics, sports, technology, etc for different websites and can earn a lucrative passive income.

So if you’re  good at fulfilling any of the above roles or do have similar skills so amid this lockdown give your career a good push by employing in such roles and earn handsome pay.

This a comprehensive guide is for you to look and find the best employability for yourself in hard times depending upon your skills, area of interest and availability.
Continue your professional life in these months as well for your career advancement.

Good Luck in your Job Search!! Stay Home and Stay Safe!!

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