When Will The Corona Virus Pandemic will End? and How?

Historians in a study revealed that usually there two types of ending for a pandemic, i.e., medical and social. The medical ending occurs, when the newly infected cases and death rate marginally decline whereas the social ending takes place when the terror for the epidemic disease diminishes. 

Everyone is having this question in mind that When Will The Corona Virus Pandemic will End? and How? and by when everything will get back to normal as it was before. 

 Dr. Jeremy Greene, a historian of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, states that "When people ask, When will this Pandemic end? then they're asking about the social ending and not the medical one.

Corona Virus Pandemic will End

On the other hand, an end can happen not because the disease or pandemic has been weeded out but because people are used to living in such conditions and are exhausted from getting terrorized.

Allan Brandt, a historian at Harvard University, states that a corresponding thing was taking place with COVID 19. Numerous questions about its end are dodged not by medical or community health facts and figures but because of social and political reasons. 

How this Coronavirus pandemic will end?

Amid lockdown and an increasing number of cases per day, this is the biggest and the most genuine question reiterating time and again in everyone's mind.

Historians are stating that there's a probability for this pandemic of having a social ending than a medical one. People may get so drowsy by following up on the lockdown limitations that they publicize that the pandemic has come to an end, even after the cases are increasing by leaps and bounds in the entire population ahead of getting an effective medicine or vaccine.

Corona Virus Pandemic will End

Naomi Rogers, Yale historian stated that "it's a kind of a social-psychological matter of weariness and annoyance", we are in the phase where people are just stating that "it's all enough, we need to bring back our life to a normal mode as it was earlier".

At present, it's going on in some states, where the officials have lifted certain restrictions allowing the resumption of necessary services and commodities including hair salons, nail salons, and gyms in disregard of warnings from the public health ministers that such action may be risky and are immature. As the economic adversity retains by the increasing duration of the lockdown, people are prepared to say "it's enough".

Corona Virus Pandemic will End

"There is such conflict at present", Rogers stated. Public health leaders are having a medical end perception whereas some members of the system view it as a social end.

"Who can claim its end?", Roger stated. The remonstrance is so immense that we can't think of winning so early from it. Endeavoring to determine the end of this pandemic "will be a yearning and crucial process".

Hope and pray for everyone's well being and may everything gets back to the track soon!!.

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